Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the long space in between postings, I broke my foot shortly after finals were finished (not his fault, bitchy mares fault actually =]), and was limited on the work that could be accomplished with Ace. So far, he loads and unloads from the trailer, bathes, clips, and has been saddled several times. He had his first trim a few weeks ago and did really well. He is going to have another trim tommorrow. Ace has become super friendly, he is always the first one to the fence to greet me, and just wants to be loved on. He is very well behaved around the mares, and doesn't drop or get excited. He absolutley loves our new foal, Trust's baby. He is very affectionate. I have sat on him bareback around 40 times. Next we are working on getting control of his feet, and teaching him to yield. Then we will be working on laying down (a huge trust builder), the spanish walk, and finally riding. I focus very strongly on my horses foundation, which is why we accomplish all this first.

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