Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update 10/25/2009 *12th Ride*

Sorry for the long stretch between posts, I got a little carried away lol and forgot to update!

Today, I rode ace for the 12th time, he is doing fantastic. The last three days, I trailered Ace all around town, he has done great.

Friday I just trailered him around, letting him get used to being in there. I brought him home after about 45 minutes, unloaded him and rode for about an hour. He did excellent, and unloaded slowly and carefully. His ride went really well, he is starting to get in better shape.

Saturday I hooked up the trailer again and hauled him to Wal-mart since we needed to do some shopping. I waited out with him for about thirty minutes while they shopped. Then we hauled him to the Bridle Path Arena where I unloaded him, saddled and rode him for about two hours. About 15 minutes into our ride, 7 riders showed up and rode with us. To date, Ace had never been around other horses and riders, let alone strange ones. He did very well, he never dropped and only whinnied twice when they first showed up. Getting him back to concentrating at first was a struggle, but soon he gave up and focused on what I wanted him to do. He is loading and unloading great with out any problems.

Today, Sunday, I took him to the arena again (I trailered him there and back) his ride went great, I am so proud of him and how calm he is being. Next show season will be awesome if he acts half as calm as he did this weekend. We will be pulling lots of blue ribbons. =]

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