Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the saddle again, I'm back!

Since the snow, ice and slush finally dried up enough to really work the horses the last few weeks we have been back to work. I have been doing a lot of ground work with Ace, reviewing everything we learned since now it is safe to do some serious work. He is doing excellent, he retained everything I taught him before the weather got bad. He had his first ride since the weather turned bad, now his 21st. He did really good, and was very calm about it all, he walked trotted and cantered perfectly. I have been taking him to the saddle tramps practices the last three weekends and he has done awesome. The saddle tramps is a pre-tryout practice session group for the Reno Rodeo Flag Team. He did really good with all the flags around him, only spooking a few times. Cannot wait for this show season!

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