Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wild Horse and Burro Expo's Training Clinic

Today we attended the WHBS's Training Clinic held in Carson City, NV at the Silver Saddle Ranch (A BLM owned property.) I met many local mustang owners and just had some fun with our mustangs. Ace and I participated in the Trail, Rail, & Showmanship portions of the clinic and had a blast. We both learned a lot, and picked up a few new techniques. As I always say, NO ONE it too experienced to learn something new or improve their horsemanship. Our biggest challenge of the day was the trail course as he has never done a complete one. We have worked on walk overs and some obsticals here at the BHT, but he is familiar with them. The bridge was the most challenging, it is just like a raised pallet somewhere between 10-15" and about 12 ft long. We don't have one at home so it was a completely new experience. After a few tries he figured out he was supposed to walk over it, and down the entire length. After that it was history, he easily completed it. One thing I love about him is once he tries something it sticks with him. He remembers it and completes it easily. There is no need to repeat something 200 times for him to do it calmly and smoothly. (Although repetition never hurts.) There were a few burros and mares in heat there too, and he handled it perfectly. Many people there were shocked to find out that he was an intact stallion, which is just the way I want it. He has to earn the right to keep those nuts and so far he is doing an excellent job =]

Way to go Ace!

Also, he is doing excellent in the trailer, this was one of our longer rides about 1.5 hours each way. I didn't feel him move at all. Another bonus is that he stands quietly tied to the trailed and sleeps. All that time at the "Post of Knowledge" is really paying off!

Hope everyone else is having a blast with their ponies! Happy Trails!

P.S. I want to organize a few people to go with me to Lahontan, a lake in Fallon, NV soon so if you would like to go email me!

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