Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update 4/25/09:

Ace's first day home went well, he is very focused which made my job much easier. He is very curious and really wanted to come see me, but he would only smell me a few times, but throughout the day he stepped twords me.
On Ace's second day, he did extremely well. The morning started off rough, I touched his face a few times, but then he was done cooperating. So I started using the end of my lead rope, desensitizing him with it, eventually replacing it with my hand. By the end of the night, I had him leading fairly well, brushing all over his body, picking up and cleaning out both front feet, and rubbing him all over his body. I am going to attempt to cinch up a bareback pad on him later tonight. Hope all goes well! Pics from today:
(I will load video of him coming home tonight, Note* about 6-7 hours have passed of constant work.)

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  1. Wow amazing progress! He is lovely by the way!